When Your Tenants Move Out

                           DoYou Find...

                             DirtyCarpets? Stains?

                                    Pet Odors? Burns?

                                   Ripples? Torn Seams?


Before You Replace That Carpet, Call Me at: (530) 544-0123

Here are photos of a recent cleaning job:

BEFORE:                                                                  AFTER:













When you call King’s Kleening you can be confident that your rentals will be ready when you need them – no scheduling hassle, no missed appointments, just flat-out the best service you’ve ever experienced. With King’s Kleening you can quit worrying about your carpets!

  • I promise to save you money.

As a carpet restoration professional, I save carpets from pre-mature replacement. My Restorative Cleaning process will give your carpets many more years of service.

  • I promise to save you time.

When your properties need emergency spot cleaning, or fast "check-in check-out" service, my “Quick Dry“ system will have them clean and dry - ready to turn over - on time!

  • One call guarantees you that every carpet problem will be remedied.

If you have never experienced the convenience of working with one vendor for all your carpet care needs - whether it's repairs, re-stretching, pet odor removal - then you owe it to yourself to call me. 

  • I deliver on my promises:

I promise to save you money; meet your scheduling needs; give you unmatched quality, complete carpet maintenance & repair services, and to tailor my services to meet your needs.

Try my service Risk Free!

After I have finished your cleaning I want you to take a good look at it and make sure you are pleased. Because, if you are not thrilled with your cleaning I will re-clean for FREE! And if you are still not thrilled I will not accept payment! 

You Get TheMost Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever...Or It is FREE!”

Call (530)544-0123 today!

Rob Coats

Owner, King’s Kleening

E-mail: robc@kingskleening.net